Global Rescue Direct offers a unique business opportunity unlike anything you have seen before. Our TotalCareSMsolution enables individuals to immediately access high-quality, low-cost healthcare at the click of a button, anywhere in the world. You have the chance to share in a part of this revolutionary new endeavor disrupting the $4 trillion domestic healthcare industry. You can be a part of something bigger than yourself, working to help countless others achieve financial freedom and peace of mind, together.

Global Rescue has over a decade of experience providing world-class medical and crisis response services to some of the most difficult places on earth. Through our expertise and relationships with Elite Medical Group, the Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations, and Partners Healthcare, we are putting the patient back at the center of healthcare. We have started a revolution. Do you want in?

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A unique business plan demands an even more inventive compensation plan. “Being your own boss” and “doing things your way” only work as long as you have the proper economic framework to support your desire (ideals). We refuse to limit your potential. We want to be the springboard that catapults you to greater things.

Hard work and dedication are the hallmarks of a successful entrepreneur and we are eager to reward the most passionate and inventive. Everyone should be free to pursue their greatest plans and most elaborate dreams. Our wealth plan allows Global Business Owners to live life on their terms.




Global Business Owners with Global Rescue Direct expect greater things, they have an elevated vision and an open heart. We firmly believe that life should be an adventure and that nothing should hold you back. See for yourself why so many are choosing to become a part of Global Rescue Direct.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the Global Business Owner Starter Kit?

A rechargeable digital brochure that houses three videos, 10 printed brochures and access to the Global Rescue Direct Global Business Owner app for your smart phone or tablet.

The battery life offers approximately two hours of continuous play. Recharge time varies based on what is used to power the device, but a full charge takes between 30-60 minutes.  

To qualify for commissions, one must enroll as a Global Business Owner and accumulate at least 100 personal volume points each calendar month. You can accumulate personal volume by purchasing a membership package or by enrolling members. Your enrolled members package volume will then roll up to your account, contributing to your monthly personal volume.


Once someone is enrolled, you have until the end of the second month from their enrollment date to request a placement change.

If you wish to design digital or print marketing materials of any kind, including content for social media use, they must be submitted to the Compliance Department at grdcompliance@globalrescue.com for review and approval. This includes altering any existing materials provided by Global Rescue Direct. Unless you receive prior written approval, you may not use any materials that are not provided directly from the company.

One phone number (801-579-7200) is the Business Owner Support Center for Global Business Owners to use for support regarding their business. The other number (800-381-9754) is for Global Rescue Member Services when you need to access your Global Rescue membership services or have questions about your membership.

You may use all of the functions with the exception of the systolic blood pressure monitor without calibration. To calibrate the systolic blood pressure function, visit your local pharmacy to get a free blood pressure reading, or you may purchase a monitor with cuff and you can do the reading at home. Once you have the systolic blood pressure results, you will then turn on your device, go to your settings, then choose “SBP Calibration.” Proceed to get a SBP reading by placing your fingers on the censors, then calibrating it with your earlier results.

The medical professionals at Elite Medical Group, Johns Hopkins Medicine and the other physicians/medical groups providing TotalCare consultations and second opinion services to Global Rescue members are licensed, board certified specialists in Emergency Medicine, Family Practice and a wide variety of sub-specialties.


Yes. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, you may access virtual healthcare services from anywhere members are located.

When one calls Global Rescue Member Services, a member services rep promptly answers the phone. They will quickly verify your membership, ask questions to assess the situation, then put you through to a medical professional.

The member, their spouse and up to six dependents are eligible. Dependents are eligible until 18 years of age, or 23 years of age if they are a full-time student.

You may use a separate mailing address, but your billing address needs to match what your credit card provider has on file.

Global Rescue is a membership organization that provides services to its members, and is not insurance of any kind. Global Rescue does not reimburse you for any health care, transport or other expenses or costs you may incur, or provide medical care of any kind.